The Partners

"I feel fortunate that our team has succeded in creating an environment that celebrates the values that I believe in and that enables me to do what I enjoy. Those values are: integrity, excellence, service to others and a profound belief in the limitlessness of human potential. We plan to use this platform to achieve great things locally and regionally." ~ Lorna Phillips

"I (mainly) practice law in a jurisdiction where the law, economy, social and political institutions are either developing dynamically or are at an embryonic stage of development: the opportunities are boundless. I enjoy the challenge of guiding my clients through it all to success." ~ Manley Nicholson

Manley Nicholson and Lorna Phillips are commercial attorneys. Mr. Nicholson specializes in civil & commercial litigation (disputes) and Ms Phillips in commercial transactions (deals). Both share a common vision: growth and prosperity for their firm, their team, their clients, Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

These partners owe much of their success to their commitment to principles that have developed into what they now describe as core values. The partners' unique gifts have served their respective clients well and resulted in the development of distinct areas of expertise. Because of their skills and synergies, they adopt a holistic approach to meeting their clients' needs.

Together, the partners are continually searching for new ways to produce impressive results, negotiating settlements in ways that are principled and effective. They also reach out into the wider community to see how improvements can be made to serve us all in our businesses and our lives.