Real Estate, Property Development & Construction

Nicholson Phillips has extensive experience in real estate law. We represent individuals, institutions, and corporations who want to acquire, dispose of, finance, or develop land and we have expertise in all areas of property and commercial law, subdivision and development.

Subdivision and Development

We offer experienced representation for developers of subdivisions including the preparation of easements, compliance with the requirements of the legislation in relation to land use, planning and land laws and the preparation of covenants to regulate future development. The firm offers a complete service in this regard from preparing and arranging the lodgment and registration of all documentation necessary for the subdivision, survey, title and planning issues through to preparing the contract for sale and acting for the developer in the conveyance of lots to purchasers.

Strata Title Property Development

We also act for the developers and operators of strata title property developments and have acted for many purchasers of lots in strata title developments. We can offer you our experience in preparing 'off-plan' contracts, including contracts for developments that are to be developed in phases.

We offer a complete service including liaising with the project's consultants from the inception of a proposed development, making recommendations regarding titling, advising upon management issues, preparing 'off-plan' contracts, applying for Real Estate Board approval, giving advice regarding Registration (Strata Titles) Act issues, preparing body corporate contracts and acting for the developer in the conveyance of lots in the development.

The team also has extensive experience in advising developers and their sales agents regarding the myriad of issues that may arise during the course of marketing, selling and constructing a development.


We will act for major commercial property developers and owners in relation to the leasing of commercial sites and retail shopping centres.


Our conveyancing lawyers assist buyers by:

  • Having well developed systems and extensive experience in property transactions
  • Having extensive experience in dealing with buyers who are not based in jamaica and therefore are not generally keeping you in touch with the progress of the matter and fully informed of the processes.
  • Acting solely on your behalf and protecting your interest throughout the process
  • Maintaining contact with the developer and its lawyers, if you are purchasing property 'off-plan'
  • Liaising with your financier regarding preparation of mortgages and, if necessary, providing you with advice on mortgage documents
  • Overseeing the registration of your interest
  • Generally keeping you in touch with the progress of the matter and fully informed of the processes.

We will advise you upfront of all the relevant fees, taxes and other costs that will be payable by you. We provide you with an all inclusive, itemised quotation so that there are no nasty surprises.

We incorporate commercial, estate and succession planning, commercial property and other advice where necessary to ensure that our clients are given the most comprehensive legal advice for their individual situation.


We advise and assist in the negotiation, drafting and administration of construction contracts as well as the resolution of disputes that arise in the course of construction through litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes.