The Nicholson Phillips partnership strives to provide quality service for discerning clients. Our commitment to our clients, ourselves, and the wider community includes:

  • Being accessible and responsive;
  • Handling civil and commercial matters locally and globally;
  • Finding new ways to produce results to exceed our clients' expectations;
  • Providing expert legal advice that is timely and oriented to meeting clients' needs;
  • Negotiating settlements in ways that are principled, efficient, and effective;
  • Winning cases that appear "unwinnable";
  • Providing leadership to the wider legal and commercial community to bring about improvements that can benefit us all;
  • Sustaining an enriching environment through innovation and teamwork within the firm;
  • Providing career opportunities by sustaining the firm's growth and financial strength; and
  • Engaging in community outreach to improve the lives of some of the vulnerable in society.